Sunday, January 15, 2012

Conservatives Love Big Government
Conservatives Hate Pr0n Edition

Link.  [via Metafilter]

To review:
The right-wing (we don't really have many conservatives in the U.S. these days...) does not want small government...and the size of government per se doesn't matter that much. They don't even really want cheap government. The stuff about low taxes is really a stalking horse for what they're really interested in.

What the right-wing wants is...well, what the right-wing wants. They want to eliminate the programs they dislike--primarily social services. But oh, yeah, stuff like NPR, the Department of Education, the NEA, the EPA...anything, basically, that helps the poor or gets in the way of business.


They want a huge military. They're also fine with the war on drugs, militarized police forces, a government that favors some religions over a government that favors Christianity over other religions...extending government's jurisdiction into the uterus...  All this they love...

And, of course:

The War On Pr0n

Remember: their anti-big-government mantra is a lie wrapped in a Red Herring. It's intrusive government--small or big--that's the enemy...and nobody loves intrusive government like the right wing. Regulating the amount of lead and mercury in the environment: unjustified interference in our freedoms. Sending the SWAT team into your bedroom to seize your contraceptives and porn: just dandy.


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