Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Arkansas Democratic Campaign Manager's Cat Killed
'Liberal' Written Across Its Body

Disturbing pic of the cat's body prominent at the other end of this link.

There will always be isolated kooks. However, this sort of thing is not what you'd call unpredictable. Given the rhetoric that's come from the right over the past 20 years, such things are not only predictable, but, well, frankly I'm a little surprised we don't see more of this. We will, probably, over the next 10 months.

To review, opinion leaders in the fever swamps now routinely say that the President is a foreign national radical Muslim/radical leftist who is consciously trying to destroy the country. Democrats hate America and are intentionally aiding him in his anti-American jihad.

Now, if a bunch of heavily-armed, not-terribly-intelligent, and not-terribly-stable individuals really believed this, one would expect more than just the occasional dead cat, terrible though that is.

Fortunately for all of us, most of these people don't really believe the sh!t they spout. If they did, we'd have a much bigger problem than we already have.

Again, if this were isolated and unrelated to the massive propaganda campaign prosecuted by the right-wing noise machine, it wouldn't reflect on conservatism at all. But it isn't, and, so, it does. As it stands, it's a kind of a (very modest form of a) conclusion of a practical syllogism, the premises for which the Limbaughs and Coulters and their ilk provide every day.


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