Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mark Halperin, Obama and Racism

Here's a general view of mine: liberals often rather overestimate how much anti-Obama-ism is racism. The wingnuts went insane when Clinton was in office. They accused him of being a drug-runner, a traitor, a murderer. They'd hate any Democrat who'd won in 2008. Until they regain something like their senses--such as they are--they'll viciously attack any Democratic President, regardless of color. 


I have to say that the outright disrespect shown to Obama--as opposed to the hatred--makes me re-think the position above. There is absolutely no excuse for (the idiot) Mark Halperin saying that Obama "was kind of a d*ck yesterday." First, it simply isn't true. And second, we've had genuine d*cks in the vicinity of the presidency--Cheney, for example--and nobody called them that on a major network. The very fact that Halperin--idiot though he is--would even think of saying such a thing--such an entirely unwarranted thing--in such a venue has to make us wonder. It rather reminds me of Joe Wilson's outburst during the state of the union address. These things are so astonishingly disrespectful that I have to rethink my view in the first paragraph. It's just a bit hard for me to believe that people would be so openly disrespecting Obama if he were white. I don't make charges of racism lightly--and, of course, I'm explicitly noting that this is really a hypothesis rather than a charge. Perhaps these things are merely the consequence of the radicalization of the loony right, and the Wilsons and Halperins would be saying these things even if Obama were white...but frankly, I rather doubt it.


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