Friday, June 17, 2011

Canadians Riot Over Boring Sport

Apparently a bunch of pathetic douchebags were upset that the millionaires in the local sports franchise lost a contest to the millionaires in the sports franchise in a different city, so they destroyed tens (hundreds?) of thousands of dollars worth of property and perpetrated some petty violence...when, y'know, they were sure they could get away with it...

Jeez, Canada. I am disappoint.

There goes my Theory of Canada, which went like this: Canadians are like sane Americans. (Except for that bear suit guy. He's obviously deeply bugshit.)

What I find most interesting about stuff like this is how deeply and intensely stupid it is. I mean, to riot like this--especially over anything sports-related--you really have to be off-the-scale stupid. Society is set up in such a way that even the deeply, pathetically stupid among us are generally able to get by so long as they can manage to walk upright. Events like this make us remember that a fairly large percentage of the (especially male) population is just waiting for an opportunity to perpetrate some violence ( long as they are fairly sure they'll be able to get away with it).

I always think about the environmental impact of stupidity like this. Perfectly good cars destroyed...that's massive resources wasted...more wealth in one car than many people in the developing world will ever see. Massive amounts of smoke gratuitously pumped into the atmosphere. Windows broken. Etc. Paying an environmental cost for doing something worthwhile is one thing. Just f*cking breaking shit for no reason...insane.


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