Friday, August 27, 2010

Why Psychology is Annoying

Oh, c'mon.

So...lessee...(i) think of a cutesy acronym, (ii) find a few kinda sorta interesting results, (iii) blow them out of proportion.

Check. Check. Check!

My favorite line, though, has to be:
The UBC team remains confident that displays of pride and some aspects of mating, for example, will turn out to be pan-human characteristics.
Um, really? That's what you've got?

I hereby absolutely guarantee you--and will bet very large amounts of money on this--that there will be many more, and more significant, "pan-human characteristics" than, e.g., "displays of pride."

(Here imagine me pinching the bridge of my nose and looking very annoyed that I spent five minutes of my life reading this article...)

I like reading about psychology because--sometimes--even philosophy seems almost respectable by comparison...


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