Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ben Quayle: Stupid Douchebag


So, after the GOP gives us a guy who is a legitimate contender for the worst president in history, and we follow him with a guy who--whatever his flaws--is smart, decent, knowledgeable, centrist and so forth...they go ahead and unleash the patently absurd claim that he is the worst president in history.

I'd complain about the stupidity and ignorance of it all--and of the whole Quayle clan, apparently--if I thought that there was a dram of honesty in it... No, wait... I was about to say that it was just a ploy, when I realized that I just don' t know. Is he stupid? Is he ignorant? Is he an outright liar? Is he just a douchebag? Who knows? It's the puzzle of the contemporary GOP...what they say is so goddamn out of touch with reality that you just can't tell what their problem is.

It's not even worth responding, of course...but: no: you might disagree with Mr. Obama--as I do on may things. But he is a good president, and only a complete and total asshat would think that the charge of being the "worst president in history" had any chance of being true. He may, in fact, turn out to be the best president of my lifetime--though Clinton currently holds that title.

Do you, perchance, remember the previous president at all?

Oh, I mean:

Do you, perchance, remember the previous president at all you douchebag?

Jebus, they grow some big stupid in the Quayle clan...

(Note that, according to the story, this Quayle used to post on a site called ""... Nice family values, dillweed...)


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