Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Debate + Lit Crit = Bullshit

Debate is bad for you under normal circumstances. Well, it can be good for you, too. It does tend to sharpen one's mind, though it tends to make one intellectually dishonest. The latter is probably more important than the former, though if you can manage to get the goodies without paying the price--which I think I largely managed to do--it's a good deal. But overall, debate is a rather a mixed bag.

But what's a sure-fire way to really, really screw up anything?

Add some postmoderny/lit-critty bullshit to it, of course!

Definitely check out the final link, of the guy who initiated all of this screaming at/mooning another debate coach (who is, admittedly, screaming at him, too).

This is your brain on LitCrit, people...


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