Wednesday, April 14, 2010

JMU Springfest Riot

Well, it's not yet completely clear what happened, but here's the report at HburgNews.

Lots of these people were not JMU students, but most were. It's likely that there was a bad element in the crowd, probably a fairly small one. It's likely that there was a slightly larger group of kids who would have been fine if they hadn't been drunk...but of course they were drunk. Conventional wisdom even among some of the more reasonable students I've known is that many Harrisonburg police tend to be...well, let's just say not very nice to students. Add to this that a substantial percentage of JMU students are spoiled brats, and, well, honestly, not all that bright. Add way too much booze and...voila! A riot!

Not much of one by, say, the standards of the U. of Maryland...but a riot nonetheless. And on the so-called "Choices" weekend, when kids who have been offered admission next year are visiting the school.


JMU's tailspin into abject mediocrity continues apace.


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