Saturday, October 10, 2009

Untutored Reaction to Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

1. He does not deserve it.

2. It's a loony and inscrutable decision.

3. It could even make things worse for Obama, since this plays into conservative story lines about Obama's "star power" and popularity in Europe (a Very Bad Thing, of course!)

I was too busy yesterday to read anything significant about this, so I really am merely registering by initial reactions. I've already heard a few claims about the prize that make the situation sound more complicated than I'd realized. These really are just initial reactions. I really do know nothing about the criteria for awarding the NPP.

I mean, Obama is obviously a great guy. If he gets half a break as a president, I expect him to do great--or at least very good--things. (Though, I should note, I don't expect him to get half a break. I expect the mess Bush bequeathed him to crush his presidency, and I expect him not to be re-elected in 2012.) But I don't--right off the bat, at least--see him deserving a Nobel Peace Prize.


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