Monday, October 05, 2009

Schmidt on Palin
All Horse-Race, All The Time

Schmidt on Palin, at Sully's digs.

Some sad facts:

1. Schmidt is likely to be wrong: there's a nearby possible world in which Palin defeats Obama in 2012.

2. The horse-race stuff is relatively unimportant here. Stop talking about the goddamn horse-race. What matters is that Palin is not even close to being close to being qualified. We might very well be better off picking someone at random out of the phone book. Somebody--preferably McCain--needs to stand up and say look, people, if you think Palin is anywhere close to being presidential material, your view of these things is disastrously distorted. It's like someone cobbled together an exemplar to teach people what a really terrible presidential candidate would look like...and they all swooned over it.

Somebody with some authority here needs to stand up and speak the goddamn truth about her.


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