Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Obama Takes More Heat for Flyover than Bush Took for Planes Actually Vaporizing WTC
Obama and Bush Now Equal

Jeez. The wingnuts are getting extra-special crazy about this one.

Apparently Obama deserves more blame for this flyover staged by some other guy somewhere in the executive branch than Dubya deserves for, ya know, two planes full of people vaporizing the WTC. See, it would just be crazy to think that Dubya should be blamed in any way for the failure to prevent an actual terrorist attack. But this...this...THIS!!! This outrage cannot stand!

So, you see, at worst Obama and Bush are now equal. Bush steals an election, neglects terrorism, caught on vacation during 9/11, fails to get OBL, lies to get us into irrational and unrelated war, diverts resourcs from Afghanistan to wage said war, neglects NoLA, tortures prisoners, crashes economy...Obama fails to know about slightly scary photo-op.

See? Even-steven.


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