Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Corporal Punishment

Interesting stuff here.

My background suspicion about this kind of stuff is that one should just expect a wimpy lefty bias. And here that of course means, roughly:
ZOMFG only a monster would spank a child!!!!

I don't have kids, so what do I know? But thinking back to my ownself as a kid, I think I can say with at least a bit of authority: man, every now and then I really did just need a whuppin'. And my strong suspicion is that I'm a better person for having gotten some. (Er, though I could have used rather fewer of them IMHO...)

On these kinds of issues, I'm pretty conservative. I fear that we're running a massive social experiment on kids, and that this experiment is (a) based on little more than a kind of liberal/yuppie aesthetic and (b) potentially disastrous. But, again, what do I know?


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