Sunday, February 01, 2009

Anti-Drug Fascists

You probably already know the story of Trinity Tomsic and Cheye Calvo: drug dealers had been shipping marijuana to innocent folk in Berwyn Heights in PG county, and the police knew this. They intercepted a box of the evil, evil weed that had been addressed to Tomsic and Calvo's house. Though the cops knew good and well that there was a good chance these folks were innocent, the SWAT team staged a paramilitary raid of their home (failing to identify themselves as the police), terrorized them, killed their dogs and trashed their house (including dumping their meticulously-kept files out). Oh, and then the police lied about the circumstances of the raid, and the nature of the search warrant. Oh, and as it turns out, Calvo was the mayor.

These people are fascists, and need to be stopped. Fortunately, Tomsic and Calvo are suing. Let's hope they take the relevant agencies to the cleaners, and that heads roll as a result of this.

We can't sit back and watch our country turn into a police state. The people who planned this raid--and probably some of the people who participated in it--belong in jail.


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