Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Christianism In KY Homeland Security Law

A group of atheists filed a lawsuit Tuesday seeking to remove part of a state anti-terrorism law that requires Kentucky's Office of Homeland Security to acknowledge it can't keep the state safe without God's help.

American Atheists Inc. sued in state court over a 2002 law that stresses God's role in Kentucky's homeland security alongside the military, police agencies and health departments.

Of particular concern is a 2006 clause requiring the Office of Homeland Security to post a plaque that says the safety and security of the state "cannot be achieved apart from reliance upon almighty God" and to stress that fact through training and educational materials.

Downright, flat-out insanity. There's no way this law can stand.

Look, I'm o.k. with ceremonial deism. I don't even much care about having "in God we trust" on the money. Heck, if anything, it's Christians who should object to that. But stuff like this is entirely unacceptable. This is Christianists forcing their metaphysical views onto the State, pure and simple. It accomplishes nothing other than giving them the satisfaction of having their private beliefs affirmed in State documents. This is just a kind of bizarre power trip.

Atheist though I am, I can't stand American Atheists. But they're obviously right about this one.


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