Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Regular Folks
Waiting to See Obama

Here's one interesting thing about the folks waiting to see Obama at the Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport last night: they were absolutely, positively, 100% regular folks. Not an elitist in sight. Kid playing all around my feet, the super-southern blond girl who thought Obama was "cute," all the folks walking up, their shoulders slightly hunched, looking a little shy like they'd never been to something like this before, an awesomely cute baby next to me, held by its dad, moving its dopey little arms randomly, occasionally punching me in the arm, the East Indian woman next to me, so excited about seeing Obama (sadly, she said she didn't see him when he drove by), the two guys to my right, one with a camo "Extreme Hunter" hat on, talking to his buddy about how he had planned on hunting that morning, but stuff had come up and he couldn't, the young businessman and his wife to my left, the group of teenage girls over there who kept trying to start an O-ba-ma chant, the grandpa who kept telling his grandson "you better git up to the front or you won't git t' see him."

Real Americans, on any definition of the term.


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