Monday, October 27, 2008

Obama in Harrisonburg, VA Tomorrow
City Police and Rescue Squad Brace For Possible "Fights"

Obama will be at the James Madison University Convocation Center in Harrisonburg VA tomorrow. A friend of mine on the rescue squad just informed me that the police have asked them to have two trucks on hand "in case fights break out."

The Valley is a pretty conservative place, but violence doesn't seem to be much its style. Still, I think it's a little hard to predict exactly what will happen. I wouldn't be surprised to see protesters there--the Valley seems to have a healthy does of super-conservative nut cases. And I get the impression that some of them like to think that they have a little fortress into which someone like Obama should step only with trepidation. I think there will be some anger when they see that isn't so. But it's unlikely to turn violent. I'm sure this is just a standard kind of precaution.


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