Sunday, October 12, 2008

Delusions of Mediocrity
Good Thing I'm In Charge Edition

Our Glorious Leader has delusions of mediocrity.

There's been a recent effort by the dead-enders to stretch and spin Bush's disastrous record in a way that is supposed to make it non-laughable to say that history will vindicate him. Delusions of mediocrity, I'm afraid.

Presumably everyone realizes that, no matter how badly you've done, it's always possible to say that someone else would have done worse, and that the future will reveal your screw-ups to be visionary triumphs. Again: this is always possible. But it is often laughably implausible, and never more so than in this case. We would not be in this mess if Al Gore had been elected in 2000--and, of course, he would have been if the intentions of the voters had been accurately recorded. If not for the butterfly ballots, the catastrophe of Iraq would never have happened. Osama bin Laden would almost certainly be dead, and the war in Afghanistan would almost certainly have been won long ago. Every time conservatives try to sneak this absurd argument into discussions, they have to be refuted.

Almost anyone would have almost certainly done a better job than George W. Bush, and this is about as clear as it could possibly be.


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