Monday, October 20, 2008

The Death of Libertarianism?
The Invisible Middle Finger

Jacob Weisberg at Slate.

Ah, Jacob, it'll take much more than this to kill libertarianism...and, just to be clear on that matter, I doubt that the death of libertarianism would be a good thing, anyway. (And I say this not just to appease my libertarian homies, including but not necessarily limited to AJC, AIC, and Canis Major.) There's something good about having libertarians around, even though I think they're wrong.

Me, I'm a civil libertarian, and I'm about half-inclined to be an economic libertarian... Thing is, unlike most ELs, I just don't believe in the magical magic of the magical free magic market. The libertarians I feel the most affinity for are the (rare) ones who admit that an unregulated market is not for the best, but who bite the bullet and endorse a hands-off approach anyway on non-consequentialist moral grounds. Now that's hard-core libertarianism you can admire!


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