Saturday, October 11, 2008

Anti-Obama Hysteria
Did Ayers Write Obama's Books?

Well, as I may have mentioned, things just keep getting nuttier and nuttier over at The Corner--basically paranoid anti-Obama screeds alternating with truly creepy odes to Sarah Palin ("love letters" as Drum put it).

Here's Andy McCarthy, praising some guy named Jack Cashill, who asserts that Ayers wrote Dreams From My Father. He notes ominously that Obama didn't write much before Dreams, and that he and Ayers, well, both use words like 'murky'. Also, Obama uses the word 'ballast,' and Ayers has written a bit about the ocean. So you can see, the evidence is almost irrefutable.

See, this is the kind of thing I would usually not just rule out automatically. Given where my sympathies lie, I'm usually pretty cautious about dismissing even fairly crazy hypotheses out of hand. But when someone occasionally asks you to entertain a loony hypothesis, that's one thing. But when they come running to you, breathless, ten times a day with lunatic hypotheses that they insist must be true!!!!!11...well, you eventually just have to start ignoring them.

Maybe it's just because I found this right after I ran across the crazies as Hillbuzz...but I'm feeling pretty concerned about the seemingly fairly high levels of insanity out there.


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