Thursday, October 23, 2008

Andrew Sullivan, That One Crazy Rumor and Palin's Medical Records

O.k., so when that one super-crazy rumor about Palin hit the intertubes, I said we should leave it alone. But here we are, twelve days before the election, and Palin still hasn't released her medical records. And, in fact, she probably simply isn't going to release them. This isn't as bad as the fact that she hasn't held (and won't hold) a press conference of course. Which isn't as bad as the fact that she is completely unqualified for office. But it ain't good.

Back when the rumor broke, I admonished Sullivan for discussing it. It's not that it was impossible, but, rather, that it was so loony as to be massively unlikely. And there's a cost to discussing such things--a personal cost to the Palins, and a political cost to the Democrats. In such a case, any public discussion should wait until something like real confirming evidence is discovered.

But it seems to me that Sullivan is right to keep up the pressure for the records. It's highly unlikely that the original nutty rumor is true...but it's starting to seem pretty likely that there's something in there that they don't want anybody to know about. Which means we probably need to know about it.


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