Sunday, September 28, 2008

Will The McCain Camp's Next Stunt Be Bristol Palin's Wedding?

The McCain campaign may be in free fall. Everybody in the world who's (a) paying attention and (b) has two neurons to rub together and (c) is not getting paid by the McCain campaign now realizes/admits that Sarah Palin is a disaster.

But don't count out the Original Mavrixx!(tm) just yet! There may be another stunt afoot--specifically, staging the wedding of Bristol Palin and her boyfriend, and using it to divert attention from the campaign. One McCain inside says that it would be "fantastic," as it would "Shut down the race for a week."

So, in keeping with my policy of trying to achieve agreement ahead of time when possible--can we all agree that, should this happen, it would mark the final and irrefutable proof that McCain is undeserving of the Presidency?

Just wondering...


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