Thursday, September 25, 2008

K-Lo Has Really Run Out of Material

Well, as I was saying, things are getting pretty zany over at The Corner. Here's yet another desperate, sophomoric jab at Obama from KJL.

Now, am I missing something here, or is she just choosing the most uncharitable and unreasonable available interpretation of 'join us'? I mean, he's not asking for the President to come to the Senate building, right? So in the first quote he's saying, roughly: "there's no need for McCain and Obama to physically return to Washington," whereas in the second quote he saying "The Republicans should support this, along with us." There is no contradiction in the vicinity.

See, there's no need to comment on the fact that the Republican nominee for President is dangerously ignorant of economics and foreign policy.'s much more important to free-associate until you can fabricate some contradiction in something Harry Reid said.

Man, that's some pathetic sh!t right there.


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