Monday, August 11, 2008

NRO: Russia Invades Georgia Because of...Obama

Caught by Andrew Sullivan.

These people really are just about insane, aren't they? As Sullivan notes, if Obama does win, he will, of course, be blamed for every unhappy event that takes place while he is in office...and, as we can see, for at least some that occur before he is even elected. Personally, I'm waiting to see how the invasion of Iraq is Obama's fault.

It's funny how McCarthy et. al., however, hold Bush responsible for nothing whatsoever, no matter how direct his responsibility.

Everybody is susceptible to employing double standards from time to time, but American conservatives have some kind of double standard warp drive or something. It's a kind of inconsistency that would constitute insanity if they really weren't capable of doing any better. In fact, they're just rabidly partisan and exceedingly intellectually dishonest. They could do better than this, they just don't care to. So it's not a genuine incapacity, it's willful irrationality.

So they're not really crazy. They're just @$$h*!es.


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