Monday, July 21, 2008

Withdrawing From Iraq--
Obama: Right,
McCain: Wrong

O.k., so now that's over. Everybody but McCain has agreed that we need to have some kind of goals for withdrawing, oops...of course I meant "time horizon."

It's no surprise that Obama's right and McCain is wrong--though I have to say, it's amusing that Maliki has basically come right out and said as much. And it's downright astonishing that the administration has finally broken down and admitted the more-or-less obvious...and done so while McCain is still basically asserting that only someone unqualified for the office could hold such a view. (Though, come to think of it, the fact that Bush & co. are endorsing the policy has to make us think twice about it...)

So, anyway, that's over. Conservatives--who have been wrong about almost everything about Afghanistan and Iraq--are, once again, a day late and a dollar short. Though that beats their other mode here--i.e. downright, flat-out, opposite-of-right, unequivocally wrong. So I guess we should be thankful for small favors.


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