Monday, May 12, 2008

Why It Matters That The Administration Deceived Us Into Iraq

Among the many dishonest arguments the Bush administration and its supporters have been using to conceal its mendacity in the lead-up to Iraq is one that goes something like this: that's all history; we need to quit bickering about that and come together and focus on winning now that we're there.

Now of course this is but one loathsome argument in a torrent of loathsome arguments. It's flawed in innumerable ways. But here's just one reason--and not even the most important reason--why this defense is so vile. They seem to be doing pretty much the same thing again. I don't see any prima facie reason to doubt that Iran is pumping weapons into Iraq. Among other reasons, they are the primary beneficiaries (with the possible exception of al Qaeda) of the Iraq war, and, given the administration's chest-thumping of late, Iran has good reason to want our armed forces ground down even further.

Oh, and it looks like the administration has been distorting the truth about EFPs, too.


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