Saturday, May 03, 2008

McCain Points Out That "100 Years" Ad Is Misleading; DNC Says "Quit Whining"

Jesus. I can hardly go near the Huffington Post these days. Not a place for really serious analysis, the HuffPo at least helps one keep the ol' finger on the ol' pulse and all that. But it's become so contemptuous toward McCain that I can't stand it. And speaking of contemptuous, how 'bout that Karen Finney of the DNC? So, first the DNC puts out a highly misleading ad about McCain--the "100 years" ad--then when McCain points out that it's misleading, Ms. Finney, the DNC's "communications director" tells him to (and here I quote) "stop whining." Nice.

So, Jim and LL disagreed with me about this ad. I think I understand their points, though I still do not agree with them. But I think everybody has to admit that the ad--at best--exploits an unclarity in what Senator McCain said. Consequently, it is permissible for him to clarify what he meant. And it is entirely unreasonable to characterize this as "whining."

I had almost forgotten how bad the DNC sucks. I mean, given that the GOP has completely gone off the deep end for the last fifteen years, it's easy to slide into thinking that the folks at the DNC are the good guys. But they're not. They're just the less bad guys.

So the long and the short of it is: YOU SUCK, DNC.

Nice work. This is exactly the kind of thing mendacious bullshit that makes our politics so divisive. This is exactly the kind of think I thought Obama was steadfastly against...though I've heard him repeat the 100 year claim as well.

Very disheartening, this.


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