Monday, April 28, 2008

Obama 2-Nite at the Dean Dome

Goin' to go. Wish I weren't so mopey about Wright's performance this morning. Hard to be really cheery after that.

My favorite part was his refusal and reject...or whatever...Farrakhan. I mean, sometimes it seems like we could find out that the GOP candidate is Ming the Merciless in a John McCain suit and it would hurt them less than would finding out that Obama's former plumber's sister's sister's best friend's second grade teacher's second cousin's roommate's Sunday-school teacher thought about voting Green once...

But still: man, you can't even just admit that Farrakhan is a nut??? Farrakhan?? I mean, we're not really talking about a controversial case here.

It's a fairly lame criticism of Obama, but it sure don't look good.

Anybody want to bet on how many new commercials they're gonna get out of this?

Oh, and: it's really too bad he had to say so many kooky things, b/c lots of what he said was true and largely unrecognized. We have supported terrorism in the past. It's not exactly a secret...but how many Americans do you think realize/admit it? Be interesting to know.


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