Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lurita Doan Resigns from GSA

I guess the trick is to make your administration so crooked that nobody can keep track of all the sleaze. And if you add some world-historical foreign policy screw-ups and an economic tailspin...well, who's got the time to pay any attention to little things like politicizing the GSA? I mean, if you're going to pay any attention to such things, you'd probably be more likely to pay attention to the politicizing of the DoJ.

These people are so goddamn sleazy I just can't stand it. One of the most disgusting things about all this is that the very people who insist that it is axiomatic that the U.S. is the AWESOMEST COUNTRY OF ALL TIMEZ are the ones who insist that stuff like this is no big deal. I mean, when the GOP does it, that is. The very people who insist that America is exceptionally excellent are the ones who seem intent on making it just another piece of crap country run by crooks and idiots.


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