Saturday, February 16, 2008

What Have They Done Right?

Sitting around with three friends last night--all, like me, rather non-standard, occasionally cranky and cynical liberals--I asked the following question: what has the Bush administration done right/well?

Granted, we'd had a few beers by that point, but nobody could come up with an answer. Statisticasaurus Rex finally said "they seem to be really good at waterboarding." [cue laugh track] But of course this didn't count. Doing something wrong well doesn't count. And "they invaded Afghanistan after 9/11" doesn't count because (a) it was a total no-brainer, and (b) they botched it by sending too few troops, letting OBL get away, etc.

Good thing we didn't make this a drinking game or we'd have all ended the night stone cold sober.


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