Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Debate So Far

I usually think that Clinton is at her best in the debates and that Obama isn't at his, but he is really cleaning her clock tonight, IMHO. Among other things, Clinton's aggressiveness is even more overt and off-putting than usual and Obama's answers are exceptionally sharp and reasonable. Obama's really cleaning her clock.

Egad. Here's the clip of Clinton doing her "celestial choir" bit...Jebus it's incredibly grating.

OOOOHHH! Obama's response is a slam dunk! ("sounds good to me" etc.). Funny, disarming, a bit self-effacing, makes HRC look like even more of a jerk... Wow. He really scored on that one.

Amazing how thoroughly you can trounce somebody just by being reasonable and human...

HRC's response comes off as kind of lame and sleazy ("I was trying to have a little fun...it's hard to find time to have fun on the campaign trail.") Ridicule is not exactly having fun. Lame, Hillary. Lame.


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