Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Congrats to Clemson and the Heels for a Great Game

Props to Clemson for a really good game on Sunday. Though they eventually fell to Carolina, they only did so in the second OT. Oliver Purnell's got this team looking good, and they easily could have won both meetings with UNC this year. In fact, only two rather improbable comebacks prevented that.

Clemson is, of course, 0-for-53 in Chapel Hill, and coming so close to ending that streak has got to add insult to injury. But it'll end some day. And better, probably, to end some day when UNC isn't playing on its third-string point guard. (No offense to Q, of course, who continues to play well.) Add to that that Marcus Ginyard, who plays the point in emergencies, has turf toe and a sprained ankle and...well, it ain't pretty.

The question for Carolina is: how long can it survive without Lawson? We've scratched out wins against FSU and Clemson without him, and lost one to Duke that we (even without Lawson) probably would normally have won. It's UVa tonight, and they're down this year, so that's as much of a breather as we can expect in the ACC.

On the bright side, maybe we'll come out of this with a half-court game.

But the point is: good game, Clemson!


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