Friday, January 04, 2008

Dodd is Out

Well, my man Chris Dodd is now officially out of the race. It's too damn bad that the really good candidates so seldom seem to have much of a chance. And who won't miss crazy Joe Biden? Too bad given that those two know more about foreign policy than the rest of the field combined (and more than all the Republicans except for McCain combined).

How 'bout the Obama win? Well, I'm fine with all three of the front-runners. Obama is something of a risk given his relative lack of experience, but it's a risk I'm willing to take given his obvious virtues. I've been leaning Edwards-ward for a little while now, despite the fact that populism makes me a bit nervous. And HRC would, I think, be, ya know, just fine.

I'm sure the big men in the GOP are sweating over the Huckabee win...and, as JQ pointed out to me just now, they're probably just going to get sweatier after McCain takes New Hampshire.

I'm still betting that the Dems will find some way to blow it in the general election...but who knows? Even they might not be able to squander the massive Bush dividend they find themselves with.


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