Saturday, November 24, 2007

Goodbye, Marty Ravellette

I haven't been in Chapel Hill for several months, so I just found out that Marty Ravellette died in a car accident November 12th. Mr. Ravellette was often seen around Chapel Hill and Carrboro doing landscaping work. That might not be so notable if it weren't for the fact that he had no arms. Ravellette was astonishingly adept at using his feet, though. When he was cutting grass, he'd just push the mower with his chest--but what was really amazing was to see him, e.g., start the mower with his feet. And I've heard it said that he could use a chainsaw, too. He could also drive using his feet.

You might know of Ravellette because he gained brief national fame for rescuing a woman from a burning car on 15-501 over near Durham. He punched through the window with his foot and opened the door, and his wife pulled the woman out.

Ravellette was driving when he collided with a semi and was thrown from his vehicle.

You were a helluva man, Marty Ravellette, and we'll miss you.


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