Saturday, August 04, 2007

O.k., One More

Here's another gibbering Bushie, one Jules Crittendon.

Same weird, toxic soup of delusions that I keep running into when I slum around the rightosphere: Democrats WANT to lose! We can find some poll numbers here and there that indicate that people don't disapprove of Bush's policies as much as some people say! People hate Bush...but look, they hate Congress too! We are winning in Iraq!

My favorite on here:

...the Wall Street Journal’s “Washington Wire” column, which notes that by “50%-45%, Americans express confidence the U.S. commander in Iraq,” Gen. David Petraeus, “will provide an objective assessment of situation on the ground. By 36%-13%, public holds positive rather than negative view of Petraeus. Proportion saying the troop ’surge’ is helping grows to 29% from 24% in April.”

Whew. This grasping at straws is almost pathetic. Given that the public knows very little about Petraeus, nor about what's really happening in Iraq, these numbers are virtually meaningless.

EXCEPT that the main topic of the piece guessed it! About the effects of all this on the political struggle back home. Polls, polls, polls! It's all about the polls! It's all about November 2008! It's all about denigrating the hated Democrats...

If these guys put half the effort into thinking about how to actually conduct policy as they do into figuring out how to make the Democrats look bad, they might actually accomplish something.


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