Friday, July 06, 2007

Crazy Conservatives, 7/6/2007 Edition:

Liberals can be pretty nutty themselves, but conservatives have been leaving them in the dust in that regard for most of my life. Here Steven Benen notes that Jerry Bowyer (editor of NRO) is helping to keep conservatives way out in front. Not content just to point out the dangers of a big bureaucracies, Bowyer has to make a lunge at the whole enchilada: bureaucracy causes terrorism. Bowyer might be an idiot, but in all probability, he's intellectually dishonest. Few people are really dopey enough to honestly believe this kind of crap.

Conservatives' attempt to link everything to the terrorism trump card reminds me of the PC kooks back in the early '90's. With those folks, the trump cards were rape and genocide, and the way to win a big rhetorical victory was to assert that something was a kind of one of those things--environmental genocide, cultural rape, etc. Conservatives now seem to be using terroism in roughly the same kind of way. It's not bad enough for something to be bad...for it to be really bad, it's got to be a kind of terrorism, or lead to a kind of terrorism.

Jeez, these people.


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