Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Conservative Crybabies: The Newest Liberal Outpost? The CIA!

So, somebody needs to come up with a catchy tag for the following fact I'm wont to harp on:

If an institution is not overtly conservative, conservatives will whine that it is liberal.

Liberals, of course, have an analogous inclination, but it seems to be a much weaker one.

In some cases conservatives seem to have a point (re:, e.g., academia); in some cases many of them know they're wrong, but they keep pushing the point for political reasons (re:, e.g., The Liberal Media). In many cases, however, I'm sure they really do believe their conspiracy theory.

The newest Librul Threat? Why, the CIA, silly!

Yup. The CIA is sooooooo librul, and they hate Dear Leader--the bestest and Churchillianest and two-fistedest president OF ALL TIME--so much that they are even willing to intentionally throw the War on Terra in order to "get" him.

Bleeding-heart weenies. I should have realized this when they were insufficiently gung-ho about torturing...er, I mean advanced interrogating techniquing...those prisoners...er, I mean enemy combatants.

So, which institution will be the next to be identified as packed to the gills with librul bias?

My guess: the military.

First, it's just bout the only institution left that hasn't already been denounced as liberal, and, second, that'll be a handy way of explaining why they lost W's war.

Damn liberal pantywaist soldiers...


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