Sunday, March 25, 2007


O.k., no need to read this one...just can't control myself.

I breathed a sigh when Kansas went down. The sigh was half sadness, since I think KU is a great team and a great program, and that, as in years past, they could have very easily gone a lot farther than they actually went. And it was half relief, since they were the only team in the country that I was genuinely afraid of. At this point, basically anybody who's left can beat anybody who's left on the right night, but Kansas was capable of slicing and dicing in ways that gave me nightmares. I would have loved to see them play the Heels, but I wouldn't want to bet any money on that game.

USC played a fantastic game Friday night, and congrats to them for it. I'll admit I was getting pretty damn worried when they were still hitting on all cylinders and up 16 points well into the second half. We couldn't get the ball inside without facing a triple-team, and we couldn't hit from three to open things up. And nothing--nothing--seemed to be going Carolina's way. I hate to agree with Billy Packer about anything, but I'll admit that I couldn't figure out why Roy didn't go zone either. But Roy pulled a Dean and stuck with his carefully-formulated plan, and in the end it worked. Not rocket science, though, with this team; the basic plan goes like this: run until the other guys fall down.

And how 'bout that Marcus Ginyard, eh?

These Heels are so much damn fun to watch that I'm going to be sad when the season is over no matter what.


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