Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Things to Be Thankful for, 6/20/06 Edition: That I'm not Jonah Goldberg

Many people think JG is stupid, but, like so many "pundits" he's really a guy of more-or-less average intelligence who is just blinded by partisanship. Consider this, for example (linked-to approvingly by bird-of-a-feather Instapundit).

Now, with two seconds thought and anything even vaguely resembling intellectual honesty, one can easily explain this unsurprising and not-terribly-important datum--something that isn't even important enough to require explanation, actually. But instead this is just posted (and linked-to) without serious commentary, as a cheap way to prod the dittoheads into "ditto"ing. Which is, of course, what much political "discussion" on the internet is about.

(Crossfire is dead, and deservedly so...but who needs it anymore? We've got the internet...which is like a million soliloquies by Tucker Carlson and James Carville...the two sides needn't even pretend to engage with each other anymore.)

Bonus! Lesson for liberals in this: we do this too, more often than we'd like to admit. Now, see how stupid this is? See how embarrassing? Let's not be like those guys, o.k.? Or, rather, since this kind of crap seems inevitable in politics, let's minimize the number of times we act like these tools.

Here endeth the sermon.


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