Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Mobile Bioweapons Labs: Yet Another Unequivocal Lie

Well, you've seen the Post story. What's left to say about this? If a Democrat had lied half as much about something half as important and these lies had consequences that were half as disastrous, he would have been impeached immediately. But there are two different standards for Republicans and Democrats, and despite the cornucopia of evidence proving this president's dishonesty and incompetence, even talk of censure is treated as crazed or even treasonous. But if this president does not deserve to be impeached, then who, pray tell, does?

Well, Andrew Jackson, of course--may he rot in Hell. But who this side of him? One bit of good news for Republicans, I guess--despite the fact that three of the last five of their presidents deserved impeachment, the worst president ever is still a Democrat...


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