Saturday, January 28, 2006

Kerry Was Right About Iran; Bush Flip-Flops

Here (via Atrios).

Of course the flip-flopping charges against Kerry were stupid; of course they were insincere Rovian rhetorical hogwash; of course no one will notice. Just passing the info along for the record.

The flip-flopping charge is often an inane one, anyway. The charge is used by the Rove/Cheney administration when one of its political opponents changes his mind in response to what we here in the reality-based community call "evidence." In that sense, flip-flopping is actually a good thing. In the ordinary sense, flip-flopping is, I guess, when you assert that p when it's politically expedient and deny p when that's expedient. That's bad, though, of course, that's not what Kerry did.

Anyway and on the bright side, the Bush administration is now admitting that Kerry's position on Iran was right. They'll probably credit him for it, right?


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