Sunday, October 10, 2004

Ivins Contra W

I cut off my Mother Jones subscription way back in grad school after a particularly dopey issue with the cover title "Women's Bodies, Men's Missiles." The story was a Caldicott-esque Freudian screed about how everybody would hold hands and sing "We Are the World" if only men weren't so neurotic about the size of their...missiles. Nudge, nudge; wink, wink. Get it? Missiles? Pretty clever, huh?

Since I think that Freudian psychology is mostly pseudo-science and since--phallogocentrist that I am--I oppose proposing pseudo-scientific answers to serious problems, that article was the last straw for me. MJ was already irritating me with it's crack-brained lefty gibberish, so I washed my hands of them and have rarely looked their way since.

However--and as you may have noticed by now--I am frequently wrong about things. Beth-the-Sociologist (or "Dr. Hottie" as we like to refer to her here at the Institute) sent me the following link to Molly Ivins's "The Uncompassionate Conservative" from the November/December 2003 MJ.

As Joe Bob would say, check it out.


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