Sunday, July 25, 2004

What's On Tap:
Greece Report, Social Constructionism, and Why It Doesn't Matter That There Are No WMDs in Iraq

Hi-dee-ho, blogarinos. This will be a busy week for us all, what with the less insane of the two national parties meeting in Boston and all of us consequently being glued to the real news blogs, the t.v., newspapers, and so forth. But it will be especially busy for me, as some of my comrades are getting together here in Chapel Hill this week to discuss the fascinatingly impenetrable writings of the great Charles Sanders Peirce. (Note: some of my comrades believe that I exaggerate the difficulty of Peirce's writings. So don't listen to me on this score.) Blogging will go on, but it will be a tad light.

Just thought I'd let you know that I do plan to post a fascinating account of my fascinating trip to Madrid and Greece--both of which actually are fascinating. (This will, needless to say, be of no interest to many readers) Sadly, I have little to report from the trip, politics-wise, for reasons I'll explain later.

The next lengthy project for this blog is rather more philosophical, but with some political implications. Specifically, I'll be posting a fascinating multi-part analysis of a chapter from a notable sociology textbook, this chapter being on the so-called "social construction of reality." So I'll be discussing something I actually know about for a change instead of just talking out my posterior about politics...

Finally, stay tuned for a fascinating up-coming essay on why it doesn't (really) matter that there aren't any WMDs in Iraq. Really!


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