Saturday, July 24, 2004

Jeopardy Now Officially Unwatchable

I stuck through much of Ken's run on Jeopardy, but I won't be watching next season until he is gone. He seems like a nice enough guy, but when I found out that he was giving 10% of his earnings to the Mormon church, that was it for me. It's too painful to watch knowing that every one of the guy's answers it pumping more money into an organization that is trying to hasten the overpopulation of the Earth. And, having had a couple of close Mormon friends in my life, I'm also convinced that Mormonism is even more brain-washy than most organized religions.

It also bugs the Hell out of me that, knowledgeable though the guy is, his biggest advantage is merely his skill with the button. A friend/former instructor of mine who was a five-time winner and tournament of champions participant under the old system told me long ago that learning to buzz in correctly was the hardest part (especially since the buzzer apparatus on the show is, apparently, different from that on the home version of the game (which, incidentally, I've never played (what kind of a geek do you think I am, anyway?))). As soon as I heard that they'd removed the five-time cap on winning, I knew this would happen. Once people make it through the nervousness of the first few times, get comfortable, get focussed, and get familiar with the buzzer, they have an incalculable advantage over their opponents. The fact that Ken is winning by so much, and getting to answer almost all of the easy questions gives strong support to this conclusion.

Um...this post is completely valuless, isn't it?


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