Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Brother Paul Does It Better

Forget my last post. Just read today's Paul Krugman.

(How could I have forgotten to name Joseph Wilson?)

I really like Krugman, and I feel his pain. He gets accused of partisanship...and I worry about partisanship even more these days since I spend almost all my time criticizing the Bush administration. But, in fact, I'm not what you'd call wild about the Democrats; and, as I guess I've made clear, I think liberals get a lot of things wrong. But agree with Krugman when he responds to charges of partisanship by noting that the Bush administration is so very, very bad that it would be absurd to give equal time to criticizing the feckless Democrats. It would be sort of like criticizing the Ewoks for being so damn cutesy as the Death Star is bearing down on you all...


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