Monday, February 16, 2004

CalPundit on Bush's Military Records

Stop reading this blog right now and go read Kevin Drum's post on the hypothesis that the Bush military records were "scrubbed" (i.e., that potentially damaging information was removed from them).

At this point we can't say very many interesting things about these Bush-going-A.W.O.L.-related National Guard activities, but here are two things we can say:

1. None of the most serious charges against Bush have in any way been proven.

2. An objective assessment of the available evidence indicates that there is, prima facie, reasonably good evidence that something fishy went on at some point, either while Bush was in the Guard or afterward with regard to his records (that's an inclusive 'or', of course).

Nothing has been proven--that's the most important thing to emphasize here. But there is absolutely no doubt that there is sufficient evidence to warrant--in fact, to demand--further investigation.

Go read Kevin's post.


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