Wednesday, January 28, 2004

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As they say over at NCFocus:
Nothing to say. Go Elsewhere

Too bad, too. I just put up my snazzy new comments section and everything. But I got nuthin'. Oh, I could come up with some BS... In fact I have come up with some BS... But the semester has swamped me already, and just can't seem to put together anything very good. Since one of my hypotheses about what makes the blogosphere suck (to the extent that it does suck--which is, of course, a non-trivial extent) is that much of what gets posted gets posted because people feel like they have to post frequently in order to keep readers...well, anyway, given that that's what I think, I can't very well just post crap in order to post something, now can I? No, I can't.

Oh, I will say that last week or so I was looking through the nominations for the Bloggies or one of those blog awards, and as I was looking through the "funniest post" nominees, I saw that a post (from Sadly, No, I think) parodying Li'l Kim "Kimberly" da Twit's moronic essay "The Pussification of the Western Male" was nominated...and then below it they said something like "oh, and make sure to check out Philosoraptor's post "The duToitification of the Western Conservative." Now I was kinda happy to see that there, but that was the only post on the page that was mentioned without being a nominee! What's up with that, canines? Not that I was really disappointed or anything--I didn't even know that blog awards existed, and Iwas happy just to get a mention.

But that post was gold, baby...GOLD...


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